Donor Family Services

Gift of Life Quilt

The Donor Family Services Program offers families and friends of organ, eye and tissue donors an opportunity to honor the memory of their loved ones through the Gift of Life Quilt. The patches are in the shape of leaves. They can be decorated with other pieces of cloths, bits of colored threads, photographs, glitter and/or mementos. Any type of design is acceptable. Each is an expression of love and pride for these special heroes. Every creation is as unique as the individual it represents.

The first quilt was started in 1996. In current times, the quilts feature a tree symbolizing life, the gift that donors give others at their last hour. Our quilts are displayed in health fairs, hospitals, churches, quilt fairs, schools, and other community events. They help us increase awareness and educate the community regarding the importance of donation. They also pay public tribute to the heroes who so generously gave the gift of life.

For more information on the Gift of Life Quilt, please contact the Donor Family Services Program at 1-800-232-2892 or